Site Classifications
A site investigation & associated Site Classification Report will allow your structural engineer to determine the most appropriate and cost-effective slab and footing design that suits the property.
Wind Speed Analysis
This analytical method is important since the direction, frequency, and speed of the wind can influence the design of the building, cladding selection of wall and roof, entry locations of the buildings, sizes of windows, and other features of constructing a property.
BAL Assessments
This is used to measure the severity of the potential exposure of the building against ember attack, direct contact with flame, and radiant heat. Through BAL, the construction requirements were established to improve the safety of the elements of the property against bushfire attack.
Footing Probes
A Footing Probe (or Test Pit) determines an existing footing's details. This normally occurs when construction works are proposed near a neighbouring wall on the boundary, if you are planning an extension next to an existing wall, or if you're planning a second storey addition.