Land Surveying

Re-establishment (Boundary) Survey
This process, which is performed by a licensed surveyor, is required when a property or allotment needs to reinstate a boundary that was previously surveyed. RE Survey will determine features such as fences, building corners, and survey marks. You may need RE survey if :
  • Purchasing a new property (older subdivisions)
  • Building/ Extending close to the boundaries
  • Improvements to a fence or retaining wall
  • Council requirement of a detailed survey of the property
Feature & Level Survey
The first critical step in any construction project involves the gathering of land features & levels. This information is utilised by council, architects & building designers. Information provided in a Feature/Level Survey includes (but is not limited to) the following:
  • Ground levels (AHD or Arbitrary) and contours
  • Existing structures, heights, ridges, eaves and gutters
  • Adjoining structures, heights, ridges, eaves and gutters
  • Utility services
  • Underground services (extra charges apply)
  • Any vegetation or trees on site or within 15m
  • Street furniture
  • Fence locations and heights
Site Analysis Survey (neighbourhood character survey)
A Neighbourhood Character Survey is conducted and carried out for local council and town planning approval to accompany your development application. A Neighbourhood Character Survey includes your sites topography with a certain amount of adjoining properties; usually within 50m, typically 3 to 5 adjoining properties on each side and on the opposite side of the street. This is a tool to determine the residential density based on physiographic, socioeconomic, visual elements and physical improvements. You can request to have your Title Re-establishment Survey and levels to AHD to be carried out at the same time and merged onto the same plan.
Building - Construction Set-Out
One of the first processes in the construction stage involves identifying the position of the proposed structures in relation to the existing boundaries. This ensures that the whole construction team builds and works in accordance with the standard by the council and approved engineering and architectural plans. As a set-out survey transfers a building design onto your land, it is imperative that this process is carried out accurately.
Land Subdivision - Building Subdivision
Land or Building Subdivision is the process of creating individual titles for land parcels, units, and apartments, to enable their separate sale. We will guide you through the process and manage all interactions with the council, or simply provide the plans for your project.
As Constructed Survey
The primary purpose of this type of survey, is to verify and provide an update to the regulatory authorities, that the construction process was completed as per the architectural specifications.
Monitoring Surveys
Monitoring Surveys are typically carried out on development sites, where ground & structure movement is monitored. We have state-of-the-art equipment and the expertise to accurately monitor building, wall and surface movements in all directions, such as settlement, heave and lateral movements.